Baptism conversation

Published 21st January 2012 by lucy moore

Lesley (during end notices after a great fun Messy Church last week): Anyone like to consider christening, baptism for anyone in their family? Have a word with one of us!
Mum: Ooh, that sounds good. We could get the kids done.
Lucy: We could do it in Messy Church if you like, as that’s the church you come to.
Mum: But would it be real?
Lucy: Yes! This is church just as much as church on Sunday!
Mum: Oh. That would be really nice. How much would it cost?
Lucy: It’s free actually… and if you felt after the preparation that it would be the right thing, you could get baptised as well.
Mum: What? As adults?! (radiating incredulity)
Lucy: Um… yeah…

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