Collecting questions

Published 19th September 2007 by lucy moore

At the end of next week, Paul (my combined husband and vicar) and I are heading up to meet the Fresh Expressions thinktank team in Sheffield, at the Church Army HQ.
Claire Dalpra, George Lings, Andrew Wooding and Colin Brown will be there and it’s our chance to chew over these big questions and to try to find a fruitful way forward for Messy Churches.
What questions to chew over, though? Here are some of my initial thoughts:

How do we take families on in their discipleship, so that they can go deeper with God in a way that is appropriate for them?
Indeed, should we be thinking about going deeper or is what we do enough, given that we are exploring Bible stories creatively every time and learning to pray and praise together?
Is Messy Church really an arch or a bridge and why does it matter?
Is there any other element that should be included in MC to enrich the experience?

We’re also collecting questions from our own MC. A big ‘thank you’ to Mark and Theresa for putting this together. Wonder if this will give us useful feedback?
Questionnaire / Survey about Messy Church (pdf)

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