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Published 8th June 2011 by lucy moore

More ideas for Messy discipleship, published resources from Jo Gill, a Messy Church leader, and Paul Griffiths, a missioner, author and evangelist.
Jo Gill writes:
‘It was good to see you and Messy Church at the Big Church Day out!
‘I said at the CRE I would send you the info for the Journeys course that we did for some of those who come to Messy Church. Looking at the Engel Scale you gave us, where at the bottom people have an interest in the supernatural, Journeys is an excellent starting point.
‘Everyone who did Journeys with us then wanted to continue with the group and so we did Christianity Explored , which has followed on well. Last week, it was really exciting because one of the guys on the course has professed his belief to our minister and now wants to be baptised. He had no background of church and was quite non-plussed by Christianity when he first came. I first met him at Messy Church, brought by his girlfriend’s grandma to help me out on one of the craft tables. He was not interested in church but was willing to get involved at MC. He came along and then wanted to help again. We then started the Journeys course and he decided to come along. He was a bit into space life and belief in other things out there… not sure what, but couldn’t grasp Christianity. He is now wanting baptism, which is incredible, and helped in the teenage Laser section at church on Sunday and was telling them they need to cross the bridge (from the bridge illustration!) It was amazing and so encouraging.
‘So, I think this course is definitely worth trying for MC people. It is a great introduction to thinking about Christian things, especially if they have no idea. A couple on the course didn’t know what sin was. The wife in this couple has also talked about baptism, talking about when she gets baptised… There were many things that people didn’t know about, that we just take for granted being brought up in church so its been a big eye opener too, but very exciting!! I hope others may find this helpful and a blessing. Jo’

And Paul Griffiths writes of two resources that also might interest Messy Church leaders:
1. Puzzling Questions is a pre-Alpha magazine style DVD-based course that covers six of the most popular questions asked by those who are outside of the church. It is due to be published by Monarch in March 2012 but we are able to sell advance pre-published copies of the DVD and leaders’ guide – the deal is that anyone who runs the course fills in a 20 minute online survey that we can use as market research.
2. TableTalk… we currently have two versions available (one for mixed groups and one for blokes). We are in the process of working on packs for students, women, the retired, 9-11’s, 12-14’s, 15-16’s, 17-18’s. In addition we will explore whether there is a place for festival varieties (Easter) and sets for parents and those involved in Parents and Tots.
The questions is whether there is a place for Messy Talk?

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