Foiled again!

Published 4th January 2008 by lucy moore

Oh dear.
My cunning plot to save frantic ringing round the planning team at the last minute each month, saying desperately, ‘We have to plan Messy Church tonight. Can you come?’ has not got off to a good start.
It should have been simple! A little plan with the date of the Messy Church, the planning meeting and the subject for each month, all ready to be jotted down in diaries.
I should have been worried when D rang to ask if we had a meeting that night, as she hadn’t heard anything.
J hadn’t got the timetable masterplan anyway and had to babysit. L’s knee has turned inside out and she can’t drive. C’s sorting out massive travel plans. And… well, D and I got it done in the end, but it’s hard work, coming up with ideas about ‘Faith’ when there are only two of you.
However! We shall move mountains. We shall bake things most wondrous. We shall spin tops… I can’t remember why, but there is a tenuous link of some sort and V is very good at inventing designs.
Blessing / Good Thing: three extra new people on the team for January. Most excellent news as I have to work that day and so we would have been one woman down.

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