Hoorah for the Messy Network!

Published 4th November 2014 by lucy moore

If you haven’t found and liked the Messy Church Mag Facebook page, this post from it and the responses gives you an idea of how brilliantly generous and wise this network of people is. It also has a wonderful next chapter, as God has called someone from Plymouth to go and help out already. What a wonderful Messy family! What a great God!
The post looks like this:Prayers please for Crownhill Methodist Messy Church, Plymouth, Devon. Jane has just been on the phone to leader Judith who is concerned about the big numbers in the Messy congregation, safety issues, a small and elderly team, lack of space and so on. Should Judith listen to her team who want to limit the numbers and close the doors on the limit? The congregation are so keen to come that they queue to get the car park tickets next door then queue again to enter the MC and don’t mind at all the narrow and difficult corridors to the church for the Celebration time (buggies have to go around the outside). We need some KEEP CALM and Carry On Being Messy mugs!
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Margery Brown, Messy Church Philadelphie, Maureen Coath and 44 others like this.Vicki Ellis Imagine how differently the Sermon on the Mount would read if Jesus had said that’s it we are at our capacity now turn the remaining 4750 people away….
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Steve Faber Have they explored working ecumenically to boost their team and/or find a bigger space?
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Michelle Hawes She could utilize some of the parents that would be coming with older elementary school children to help out. I look for teens and young adults and tell them what I need them to do to help me out and they are very happy to do it. (This is Michelle from Kapolei United Methodist Church).
29 October at 19:56 · Unlike · 9
Jim Webster Need to involve the parents/grandparents etc into being helpers as well as carers for the kids. Go Crownhill….God is with you
29 October at 20:07 · Like · 4
Abigail Shepherd Can they join with another church nearby with a better space and potentially more helpers? What a great problem to have.
29 October at 20:39 · Unlike · 2
Emma Major I agree with Michelle; recruit from the adults and older kids who come along, they are bound to love the opportunity to contribute. And as for space – is there anywhere outside? Make use of anywhere you can and celebrate
29 October at 21:01 · Unlike · 5
Trish Hahn Sounds like an issue for the elders and minister to be involved with too
29 October at 21:02 · Unlike · 2
Marjorie Kelly What a wonderful problem to have, count it a blessing!
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Veronica Thornton What a great problem, will be praying for a satisfactory result.
29 October at 21:06 · Unlike · 2
Rachel Nelson I would like to talk to some one about this but don’t seem to be able to send u a message. Would you be able to message me or send me some contact details? I would really like to help. X
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Morag Langley Brilliant to hear that so many families enjoy their Messy Church; and I do appreciate the challenges this raises, both for a suitable place and for enough team members. Is there any possibility of finding a large enough place in the community (it does not have to be a church)? Or consider whether you could find enough team members to have two Messy Church services. Praying that God will bless you and all your congregation as you work out these practical issues.
29 October at 21:22 · Unlike · 5
Martin Green What a fab predicament Ask the congregation for help … I’m sure you would be happy with the reply you get
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Rachel Waitt We were a little inundated to start (great blessing!) but found things calmed down a little as the months went on. Some people wanted to check us out but haven’t committed. Ride the wave for now. Know God provides!
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Sherry Day Foster I wish our church had that problem:)
29 October at 22:43 · Unlike · 4
Sharon Sherwin Budin My Lord what a wonderful problem! Get some of the guest involved in running it
29 October at 22:58 · Unlike · 3
Joy Hughes Luckily our church M.U.C. Have the room in the new Multi Purpose Hall, with a lovely kitchen, where a meal can be prepared for the families that attend, Judy Fielders dream coming true. Well done all who organise etc.
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Nancy Harvey Moyle Golden opportunity to tap into what each of these families has to offer for themselves. Have been reading what Roxonborough says about mission being as much about welcoming the hospitality of others as it is about offering hospitality ourselves. Maybe seek for helpers from seniors at Christian schools or students at Bible college as well. Get the families involved with planning the program themselves, and they will be learning about the bible and Jesus as they do this. ITS SO EXCITING!!  Oh, and I fully understand the safety thing – so get the elederley who are part of the fabric of your community, who may not be able to be physically present to be interceding throughout the whole time. Think of what God can do.
29 October at 23:18 · Unlike · 2
Nancy Harvey Moyle PS If this was a program like a Playgroup or mainly music or such I would certainly cap numbers because those programs are relationship based mission and you can’t do effective pastoral care in a setting like that if you have too many families – but as this is Messy Church you can never turn people away  and as it becomes a stronger congregation within itself people will pastoraly care for one another the more they meet and worship together
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Ian Wright Will pray for God to continue to meet the needs of your Messy Church in accordance with His promise to us
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Lesley Grimm I agree with Sharon and Nancy. There are sure to be people in the Messy Church congregation who are itching to take a bigger part, and part of discipleship is allowing the ‘customers’ to become ‘team’. Prayers for you all
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Patricia Phillips So much info for you….you don’t close your church door when it’s full….Welcome them all, ask for help from visitors….It will level outAnd God is your best helper.It’s wonderful…..but exhausting…Keep going
30 October at 08:51 · Unlike · 2
Messy Church Mag Bless you all xx
Commented on by Jane Leadbetter · 30 October at 11:17 · Like
Mary Gross Davis Sounds like those frail elders need to pray in some help! They are experiencing Book of Acts success!
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Anne Yarney Thankfully God has NO limits!
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Scalloway Methodist Church Is there a sv
1 November at 14:48 · Like
Scalloway Methodist Church Is there a school or hall somewhere that could be used and could parents with older children be helpers for the team? Praying for them. X
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Saints in Sittingbourne – The Churches of St Michael and St Mary I don’t think they should limit numbers, but I do think they should ask for more helpers from the regular congregation.
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