Kingdom Arts

Published 9th February 2016 by lucy moore

Fascinating developments in Messy Worcester (try saying that without your teeth in). Anyone got any similar stories to share with Alex? Anyone done, for example, a similar thing but with a more science or engineering slant to it? Or do you feel strongly that you’d want to make it all age? Comments welcome.
Dear Lucy
I have long been a complete Messy Church ‘Groupie’! We met you many years ago when we came to Lee Abbey on a Messy Church weekend (2007?). I then started up the first ever Messy Church in Worcester in 2008. It has been an incredible journey and has been a great blessing to us as a church and to those families who came. After 5 years I decided, 2 years ago, to hand it on to a ‘younger’ successor. It continues and thrives still and others have sprung up over Worcester. 
I have always loved the whole Messy Church idea of sharing the gospel message, creating things together and having fellowship over a shared meal. I’ve wanted for a long time  to explore the possibility of a Messy Church for adults only. I could see the great potential for this. After sharing the vision with my vicar and getting a small team together, in November last year, we  launched ‘KINGDOM ARTS – exploring faith through creativity’. We meet for a morning, once a month, in our church building. We begin by setting a theme, gathering for coffee, worship, Bible input and prayer. Out of this we then move to ‘arty’ areas where we encourage people to use paint, collage, clay, poetry, needlecrafts, creative writing and so on. We gather at the end to share our art/creations/writings and to hear what God has inspired within us. All this is followed by a soup and roll lunch. We are amazed at the way God is working through this, encouraging dialogue about faith, helping enquirers, building up community, both local and ecumenical. It’s very exciting and we await all that God will do through this.
I wanted to share this with you so you can see the fruits of your ministry extending further. 
Maybe you know of other things/activities/groups such as this and could put us in touch together? Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for us for the future of  this new venture? I would be very interested to hear.  
Thank you for all you do
Best wishes
Alex New (Mrs) 
St George’s Church (C of E)Worcester

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