Mess and thoughts

Published 5th May 2010 by lucy moore

Mary Hawes sent through this blog from Heather Zempel with some thoughts about mess in general in a godly context. I think my posture (point 1 below) is that of instigator, as Heather would agree if she could see my desk at the mo. Heather writes:
‘There’s always a connection between mess and transformation, mess is the environment in which the greatest transformation usually occurs.
Types of messes: the sin mess (someone in community sins), the relational mess (what happens when people are naturally in relationship together) and the life mess (when tragedy strikes the group).
What to do when a mess happens in community:

Acknowledge the mess: what is your posture? Will you be an inspector (someone who points out the areas of mess) or an engineer (someone who creates a better environment)? Don’t just ignore the mess, acknowledge it!
Identify: what type of mess are you dealing with (sin, relational, life)?
Have the right perspective: mess isn’t the end, it usually is the beginning of something great.
Ask good questions: there is usually a gap between the information that we know and the reality of the situation. Ask questions in order to understand the current reality.
Gain great counsel: talk to the right people who can help guide you through the messy process.
Communicate the biblical goal of the mess: for growth to occur and for God to glorified.
Be willing to fight through the mess: complete the process and fight for community and transformation.’

Additional resources: | twitter: @heatherzempel

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