Messy Chaplain

Published 8th October 2010 by lucy moore

One team was asked whether they needed a chaplain for their Messy Church. They came up with the following jobs that a chaplain could do for them. It’s an interesting list as it seems to demonstrate how far removed Messy Church is from a craft club or social circle:
In response to the questions ‘Do we need a chaplain?’ ‘What would we want this person to do?’

We do need someone who can minister to our new Messy Congregation.
To provide discipleship for the team before each Messy Church starts. This should be on the theme and not just a ‘has anyone got anything they want to pray for’ type thing.
To deliver the Messy Message at Celebration Time when required
To move around and chat to people during the Messy Munch meal time so that the team can get to know the needs of the congregation
To act as a Messy Church welcomer when required.
To pray with people or provide a listening ear to members of this new Messy Church congregation or team.
To contact members of the Messy congregation if we know they need support or we have noticed they haven’t attended for a while.
To have an input into the use of the proposed messy quiet area.
To provide Quiet Days or Away Days (BRF can help here if needed)
To help develop ‘the next step’ in discipleship in a new and different way for Messy Church
To encourage groups to be ‘in touch’ with Fresh Expressions conferences, blogs, websites etc.
To represent Messy Church on the PCC
To be a key link, supporter and communicator between the established Sunday congregation and Messy Church
To be an advocate of Fresh Expressions of church
To help Messy Church regularly review where God is leading it, who we want to come and how we grow
To instigate the production of a Messy Church newsletter periodically
To support ‘extensions of Messy Church’ such as Messy Market, Messy Storytelling and Who Let the Dads Out?

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