Messy Liverpool Cathedral

Published 4th April 2012 by lucy moore

A messy donkey on the way to the cathedral
Jane joined in the Messy Church at Liverpool Cathedral on Palm Sunday along with many Messy friends. She writes:
Went well today with 250 of us squeezed into the well area of the cathedral.
Palms waving, noisy squeaks and lots of donkeys in Liverpool Cathedral for Messy Palms with 250 all ages singing, shouting and waving as they explored Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Thanks to the Liverpool Mothers’ Union and a great Messy team who helped to encourage families into the cathedral. The crafts were a huge success with hammers banging and lots of Fig Bibles being eaten, making road sign prayers and creating ‘donkey poo’, squirting cream on ‘Palm sundaes’ and making donkey hobby horses, and lots more. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, enjoyed a packed lunch together and gave out Barnabas Competition sheets. Everything was signed as we had members of the BSL Messy Church with us too. We saw donkeys kissing, friends being reunited and all ages enjoying their creativity. Thank you to Who Let The Dads Out? (Chester) and LFC Tactics 4 Families for joining us.

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