Messy spectacles

Published 22nd January 2013 by lucy moore

Linda kindly emailed today with a warning about one of the craft activities about a danger I hadn’t foreseen. Many thanks, Linda:
We are really blessed by all the material you have produced for Messy Church through your three books. I was just looking at book 3, session 2, ‘Love Rules’ and wondered if anyone had drawn your attention to a danger of your spectacles craft. I have often made spectacles in this manner and know children love them, keep them ‘for ever’ and wear them often, but you should NEVER use coloured cellophane. The coloured cellophane makes the glasses act as sunglasses, which makes the iris open wider and as these plastics do not contain UV protection, the eye is exposed to much higher levels of UV light than they should. This can cause permanent damage to the eye. Only plastics which offer UV protection should be used – otherwise use clear plastic or leave holes.
Obviously, whether you alert people to this (maybe through your newsletter) is up to you but I felt that I needed to alert you to this potential problem as I had seen it.
Best wishes to all of your team. May God bless you all.
Linda Faber

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