Messy Unity

Published 8th July 2017 by Messy Church

It is always so encouraging to receive emails to the BRF Messy Church team which remind us that people are praying for us and for God’s work through Messy Church. We received one such email recently from faithful friends in Essex. This email, though, had something more in it which we felt it would be good to share. It touches on just what God is doing by working across denominations through Messy Church and how this might, for our generation, be fulfilling Christ’s own prayer for unity… namely ‘that they might all be one, even as we are one’ (John 17:21). Here is the email:
Greetings from St Mary’s Messy Church.
Recently I heard a word about unity in the church several times.
The question posed was: does the church need to come together and break down the barriers of different denominations in preparation for Jesus’ return? And: is God waiting for us to do this?
This morning while I was praying for you all, it came to me that Messy Church is already doing this!
Indeed, when we reflect on how many different denominations – not only in this country but across the world – are finding Messy Church both a tool for mission and a way to reimagine gathered worship, then it is indeed quite a story! God is surely saying something to us all through this?
Our praying friend continued:
I write to thank you for all you do and I pray that every mile, literally and spiritually, that you travel will be truly blessed.
I wonder what you think about this insight.

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