Messy Weekend

Published 18th June 2012 by lucy moore

A real privilege and joy to share last weekend with 30-odd fellow Messy enthusiasts and to have another fun time exploring Messy themes and enjoying learning from and with each other. We had a Father’s Day theme this year and enjoyed the Prodigal Son story for our final Messy Church session.

As before, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and included these comments:

It was very good that we had some reflective time within the varied programme. Had a brilliant time, now waiting to share the ideas/ thoughts with the rest of my team, many thanks for all your help. … Again many thanks for brilliant weekend.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thank you so much for a lovely inspiring weekend.
Great all round weekend – very useful
It’s been a great weekend, thought provoking, inspiring, refreshing and much needed!
Fun, inspiring, challenging, lots for us to take away and implement immediately and other things to think and pray about. Team session brilliant – thank you!
Thank you for a fantastic weekend!
Wonderful! Thank you for your vision, passion and creativity
Brilliant weekend – thank you so much.

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