Prayers from The Tidbit Tree

Published 19th January 2009 by lucy moore

At many Messy Fiestas one of the crafts has been to write prayers on a leaf of your own design and hang it on to the Tidbit Tree – a tasteful clear Perspex tree originally designed to be the centrepiece of your party and to be adorned with olives, gherkins and – according to the picture on the packet – lumps of spam. The prayers are nonetheless very moving, and I can’t bear to throw them away, so here are some of the leaf prayers from fellow Messy Church leaders. I wonder if they’re your prayers too?

To give us the courage to try something new
Thank you for giving us today
Lord, direct our paths as we seek to serve you
For Suzan as she seeks you and for Bella on her journey
Thank you for getting us here safely
Lord, show us the right way to move on
We thank you for all your love
Lord, how do we make this possible?
Give us the strength to start our Messy Church
Please provide HJ with a very special job after university
Lord, I pray for the smooth running of Cafe Praise during Noah’s Ark tomorrow at 4pm. Thank you. Amen
That our church will have the courage to try something new and let go of the old
Let the light shine on our community
I pray for our Messy Church to really take off and grow
Jesus, be a friend to bullied children
For all those who are sick in body and soul
Bring peace to our world
Be with every Messy Church
Unlock our hearts
Show me were to go from here
Please keep Ben safe
Bring love to our world

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