Who Let the Dads Out?

Published 12th March 2012 by lucy moore

So much happening! So exciting!
BRF and Who Let the Dads Out? announce that Who Let the Dads Out? is to become a core ministry of BRF, with effect from 12 March 2012.Who Let the Dads Out? is an extremely effective way for churches to engage with fathers, male carers and their pre-school children – particularly those with whom the church has very little, if any, contact. It was started by Mark and Su Chester in Hoole Baptist Church in March 2003. There are already some 50 Who Let the Dads Out? groups around the country. The vision is very simple: to ‘turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers’ (Malachi 4:6).
Mark and his team faced the challenge of how to resource and support a growing national ministry that had started out as a local church initiative. Having seen how BRF has developed Messy Church, Barnabas Children’s Ministry in schools and churches, and most recently Faith in Homes as distinct but complementary core ministries, they felt BRF would be the ideal home for Who Let the Dads Out? BRF had already commissioned Mark to write a book about Who Let the Dads Out? which will be published on 23 March 2012. Mark and two other members of his leadership team will remain involved with Who Let the Dads Out? as part of a new steering group.
Mark commented: ‘We are encouraged and excited by the significant commitment BRF is making to the development of the Who Let The Dads Out? project. God has blessed their stewardship of Messy Church and we are convinced that they are the right people to grow Who Let The Dads Out? into the nation-changing work we believe it has the potential to become. We are very much looking forward to working with BRF to prompt growth in the church’s outreach to men, and together we pray that it will result in fathers, male carers and their families committing themselves to following Jesus.’
Richard Fisher, BRF’s Chief Executive, said: ‘We are delighted that Who Let the Dads Out? is becoming part of BRF. It’s a ministry that has so much to offer, not just to the life of our churches, but to our nation as a whole. It’s a natural ‘fit’ within BRF and brings an exciting new dimension to our other ministries with children and families. We have a strong sense of God’s timing in all this and we look forward

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