Church Times Green Church Awards 2024

Published 15th March 2024 by Sally O'Hare

We’re excited to announce that Messy Church has been invited to join in with the Church Times 2024 Green Church Awards.  In acknowledgement of Messy Church Goes Wild, the movement within Messy Church that aims to encourage Messy Churches to meet God outdoors, love the natural world, and be more eco-aware in all we do, we’ve been asked to sponsor the training and education award.


As a way to recognise the environmental crises, the awards are a way of celebrating the efforts made by Christian organisations, communities, churches and church schools, to care for creation, and inspire others to do the same.  There’s also £1000 prize money up for grabs, for each of the 6 categories, which can go a long way to support your environmental efforts.  Judges will be looking for projects from within the last 2 years, large and small, which bring positive change for the environment, and where the project itself has been carried out in as sustainable a way as possible.


To find out more click here

You can nominate a project for the 2024 awards here.


The deadline for entries is 30 June 2024.  Could your Messy Church be a potential winner?

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