Messy Church session: Hero of faith – Eric Liddell

Published 12th April 2024 by Becca Turnbull

One hundred years on since the 1924 Olympics and the summer of 2024 sees the return of the Olympics to Paris, France. The July session in Get Messy! Volume 1 is all about ‘The Olympics – Running the race!’ Why not get your Messy Church together this summer? You could host a mini-Olympics and then use this material to point people to Jesus.

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Many still remember and celebrate Scottish runner, Eric Liddell who made his mark at the 1924 Olympics. In honour of his athletic ability, but more importantly, his commitment to his faith and desire to honour God, we’ve partnered with The Church of Scotland to produce this additional material to help Messy Churches explore faith, perseverance, endurance and evangelism.

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