Messy Adventure!

On Ascension Day (Thursday 21 May) we set out on the speediest round-the-world trip ever, to celebrate the amazing international Messy Church community and to bring a little joy to the day.

On Ascension Day (Thursday 21 May) we set out on the speediest round-the-world trip ever, to celebrate the amazing international Messy Church community and to bring a little joy to the day. We set sail (virtually), took off (in our imaginations) and revved our (digital) engines for a whole day of Mess!

These hour-long videos (or less) are all still available for you or your Messy families to watch. Check out the playlist of videos to disover how we journeyed through the Bible with worship, storytelling, prayer, food for thought and all sorts of Messy fun. You can also explore what happens in the individual videos below.

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Disover the Messy Adventure

7.00-8.15 am

Join Lucy in Hampshire UK as we set off on the journey together. We’ll be travelling across three continents and several thousand years, as we zip over to Jean in South Africa, Rob in Western Australia and Karen in Denmark – all before 8.15 am! The story begins with human beings wonderfully close to God in a beautiful garden, but after a big mistake, we see them at the start of a long journey back to that closeness with God. Will they find the way?

  • Make a passport
  • Creation story
  • South African hippo journey

8.00-8.45 am
Kia Ora from New Zealand! Jocelyn and Messy Churches in New Zealand share with us the story of Jesus in a boat in the storm. Jesus was in the boat when everything went pear-shaped for his friends – can we find out something about what journeying with Jesus is like? Enjoy some Kiwi stories, science and craft activities, prayers and song.

  • Messy raft-building
  • First Kiwi Christmas story
  • A Messy Blessing from Bishop Andrew

9.00-10.00 am
Hej from Sweden! Mikael and Annika take us on the amazing journey story of Noah as he and the family cope with lockdown on the ark. A fun-filled romp around the story from the Swedish team.

  • Mrs Noah gets seasick
  • Lots of rainbows
  • A good Swedish singalong

10.00-11.00 am
Welcome to Eyam in Derbyshire UK! The church that invented lockdown and social distancing in 1665 invites you on a journey into the unknown with Abraham by steam railway. Staying tucked away at home is safe but boring. What if you were sent on an adventure far away without knowing where you were going? Who would you trust? Some Eyam families and Bob, the venerable trainspotter, help you decide.

  • Model railway fun
  • Abraham on his journey craft activity
  • Prayer timeline

10.00-11.00 am
Prayer Zoom Room: email for the link.

11.00 am-12.00 noon
A happy birthday to Messy Church in Bedfordshire! Join Becky’s family taking us on a Mess-filled adventure through the story of one of the biggest journeys in the Bible: Moses leading God’s people out of Egypt. Loads to join in with, learn and giggle about, as we think about this great escape!

  • Fun with loo rolls
  • Stick-painting
  • A terrifying Messy family chase!

12.00 noon-13.00 pm
London calling! Join Martyn, master storyteller, as he leads a Messy Church session on the story of Joshua. Journeying into God’s promises for us can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous trip.

  • The story of Joshua with lots to think about
  • Fun activities
  • Song and prayer

13.00-14.00 pm
Big smiles await you in Herefordshire and South Shropshire, where Kathy and the Messy Church team and families take us on a roller-coaster ride through the story of Jonah and the big fish. What happens if God sends you on a journey you don’t want to go on? A rollicking non-stop Messy Church session with loads to make, do, listen to, join in with.

  • Stories from the fish’s mouth
  • Frozen whale intestines
  • Quiz

14.00-15.00 pm
Get out your sheep – we’ve arrived in Yorkshire! Lydia treats us to an hour of Messy worship with strange railway wildlife and Yorkshire puddings to spot. Jesus’ family travels up to Jerusalem together but on the way home, Mum and Dad find they’ve lost Jesus! Where is home? Come to Lydia’s home in York and find out.

  • Fun storytelling
  • Hidden treasures in eggs
  • Make a heart

15.00-16.00 pm
A very scientific hello from Croxley Green Baptist Church, UK, where our very own Dr Dave has his secret Messy Science lab. Dr Dave and the team share with us a Messy Church session on the story of ‘Better Together’: Jesus walking on water. On water? Journeying with Jesus is full of surprises.

  • Will it float? science
  • Build a boat
  • Story, song, prayer

16.00-17.00 pm
A warm welcome from Messy Church Canada – we’ll visit team members from Quebec to British Columbia with a stop in Ontario and Manitoba. This huge country takes us on a huge journey, as we enjoy different ways their Messy Churches have explored Jesus’ journey to earth to be born as a baby.

  • Puppet nativity with Esther and Emmett
  • Messy Church does Science – a star!
  • Explore different parts of this huge beautiful country

16.00-17.00 pm
Prayer Zoom Room: email for the link.

17.00-18.00 pm
Hi from the USA! Messy Church USA takes us on holiday to the riverside and the beach, swimming pools and waterfalls, as the team discovers the journey of Jesus’ baptism. Get ready to get wet! Amazing that baptism can be such a short journey in terms of distance, but so significant in terms of change.

  • Make a shell cross
  • Storytelling on the beach
  • Praying by the riverside

18.00-19.00 pm
And another big hi from the USA as the team hikes up a hillside to take us to Jesus wonderful wise words for the journey, sometimes called the sermon on the mount. They take us on a glorious journey of sharing the light in many different ways – exactly what Jesus asked his friends to do on that first Ascension Day.

  • The light of Christ during pandemic
  • Science experiment
  • A global Lord’s Prayer

19.00-20.00 pm
Hi and g’day from the best-ever pairing of Messy Melissa in Macclesfield UK and Messy Sandy in Melbourne, Australia. Melissa and Sandy and their families and teddies take us on a trip into the journey parable of Jesus we sometimes call the prodigal son.

  • Put on love! song
  • A magic minister!
  • Wonderful things to make

20.00-21.00 pm
A big hello from Nottingham UK! Jane Lewis and friends share the funny story of Jesus on the Emmaus Road, surprising two of his friends when they thought he was dead! Might we be journeying with Jesus beside us without us even realising?!

  • A hope picture with found objects
  • Make flatbread in the kitchen
  • Rainbow prayers

21.00-21.30 pm
Hej again from Sweden! Marianne and Joakim finish off our adventure today with the story that we celebrate on this very day – Jesus’ Ascension – when he goes back to be with his Father but leaves his friends with massive hope for the journey from that point on. Telling the story of Jesus around the world: that’s what the Messy Adventure is all about! Enjoy the Swedish mountainside and some great songs!

  • Beautiful Swedish countryside
  • Fun storytelling
  • Catchy songs