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  • Name:Iris Goudkamp
  • Location:Netherlands

Iris Goudkamp is part of the national Dutch Messy Church team. Since 2015 she has been involved with Messy Church on a low level, but on 1 November 2019 she started a more

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  • Name:Hildur Björk Hörpudóttir
  • Location:Iceland

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  • Name:Chris Barnett
  • Location:Australia

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  • Name:Carol Fletcher
  • Location:Canada

When Carol first suggested Messy Church to the congregation she serves (Transcona Memorial United Church in Winnipeg) in 2011, it was a new idea that caught everyone’s more

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  • Name:Birthe Kristine Mikkelsen
  • Location:Denmark
Regional Coordinator for North Jutland

Birthe is married to Jens Erik. They live in the north of Jutland. They have 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren. Birthe is a missionary and family-coordinator in the Inner more

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  • Name:April Gunn
  • Location:Ireland
Munster and Connnacht

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