Advent Candles

Published 20th February 2013 by Messy Church

by Anne

An unexpected hit at our Advent/Christmas Messy Church session yesterday were decorated Advent Candles. It was really just an extra ‘filler’ activity in case we needed it, but it really seemed to absorb a wide range of people – one Dad really got into it and produced a wonderful candle.

I just grabbed a box of plain candles – 1 inch diameter – from church (ordinary dinner candles would do fine), and provided pens that will write on wax – permanent OHP pens, or the kind of markers sold to write on CDs with are fine. I have used candle paint before, but it takes a while to dry, which isn’t great if things have to be taken home at the end of the session.

To help things along I made a guide on a sheet of paper with a line marked with 24 divisions to lay the candle against – that was an important preparation. People then just used the guide to help them mark their candle and number the divisions. The candles were then decorated with Christmassy pictures.

It was very simple (and not expensive!) but people of all ages seemed to enjoy it.