Creative writing activity

Published 27th February 2013 by Messy Church

By Pam Mellor

Have you considered using spiritual verse? Some people use the word ‘poetry’, but that conjures up too many bad experiences of sitting through boring English lessons!

I have attached a copy of a verse which I wrote several months ago, which I have used during worship. Although, not the best piece of literature ever, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people present, who asked me for a copy!

I have no doubt, that there will be others quite capable of writing verses, in a way which speaks to folks in messy church. Even children, elderly folks, anyone could write! Just like painting, baking etc. We don’t have to be great at it, just so long as it makes us feel good and helps us to connect with God.
As I say, just another idea!

How do you picture
That wondrous cross
On which our Saviour died?
A piece of wood
On which He could
Forgive them, as Mary cried.
Or for you is the scene
On a hill of green
With three crosses neatly set?
Where hung three men
Who, up until then
Had probably never met!
Or does your brain
Allow the pain
Of His hands, to filter through?
Does the thorny crown
That they’re pressing down
Sit easily on you?
Are you standing there
As they shout and swear?
Or just cowering out of sight?
Of course we know
It was long ago…
Far away, so that’s alright.
There’s no use pretending
The nice, happy ending
Is the part that we all like to hear.
The triumph, the glory
That great Easter story
We’re told about year after year.
But, the cross that I’m wearing
The faith we are sharing
Does it really reflect such a loss?
Much more, it should be
A reminder to me
Of the pain and an old wooden cross.