Knit your own Bible

Published 20th February 2013 by Messy Church

by Anne Le Bas

Our local school was looking for resources to go in story bags which would help children to explore Biblical stories. It was easy to find Nativity and Noah’s Ark toys and figures, but difficult to find anything else.

A couple of us from our our church therefore devised knitting patterns for Bible character glove puppets, and gave out the patterns to anyone in the church who liked to knit.

The result was a huge pile of characters – generic Biblical men and women, but also characters like Pharaoh, David and Goliath, Lions (for Daniel), Kings, angels etc.

Anyone who wants to pinch the idea is welcome to it. It is rather addictive, though, so once you start it’s hard to stop…

The puppets have gone down a storm with our church children, and I can see that they will be a regular feature of Messy Church sessions. I usually have a book corner, with some Bible story books for children who want to take a break with their parents and have a quiet moment together, and some puppets to “play” the story with would be good.

Images reproduced with permission.

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