Messy Month 2014

Published 13th March 2014 by Messy Church

2014 is the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family. For Messy Month 2014, we’ve decided to celebrate the gift of family in its widest sense – both the messily diverse families who come to Messy Churches, the messy family of the church into which we’ve been adopted and the messy family that is the community in which we live – locally and globally. So we celebrate the sense of being family – being connected, being significant to others – whether we’re single or married, young or old, with or without children, in stable relationships or short term ones. This isn’t Mothering Sunday, Fathers’ Day or Grandparents’ Day! There won’t be shelves of cards in the shops, but we can still celebrate Family.

The pack contains:

  1. Details of how to support BRF’s Messy Church ministry
  2. Ideas for bringing Messy and other congregations together
  3. Story and prayer for gathered worship
  4. Stories of Messy families
  5. Craft and activities
  6. A PowerPoint presentation on Messy Church that can be personalised with photos and information of your own Messy Church

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