Prodigal Son ideas and crafts

Published 27th February 2013 by Messy Church

By Kathy

We made marshmallow pigs on biscuits (I’ve previously done marshmallow pigs in ‘mud’ on top of chocolate angel delight but wasn’t sure how many to cater for so decided biscuits was easier). Use one marshmallow for the face, cut 2 triangles of marshmallow for ears and stick them on each side. Use half a mini marshmallow for the snout and writing icing for eyes and 2 dots on the snout. The marshmallows stick reasonably well when cut but a bit of icing for glue always helps!

We made binoculars (out of rolled paper) to think about the father waiting for his son to come home and also made welcome home garlands out of tinsel, decorated with tissue paper flowers.

We also made a farm inside a small paddling pool using a bag of compost and farm toys – this was very popular!