Why should we register our Messy Church?

Published 25th April 2016 by Messy Church

The Messy Church team have put together a ‘Maximising the Mess’ guide with reasons for you to register your Messy Church on our directory. It’s got lots of important points that take into consideration the previous guides, so definitely take a read, because we’d love to have you as part of the ever-growing Messy Church community. 

Why should we register our Messy Church?

  • Families use the Messy Directory to find registered Messy Churches. If you’re not registered, they won’t find you so easily.
  • Registered Messy Churches can be welcomed into the worldwide Messy Church family and feel connected to a generous network across over 20 countries and most denominations.
  • Registered users can comment on blogs and participate in discussion online about blessings and challenges that all Messy Churches face, all via logging to our website
  • Registering means that BRF (the parent charity of Messy Church) has a much more accurate idea of how many Messy Churches there are, which means we can give accurate information to those who need it to help support funding applications and answer research questions.
  • Registering is a way of giving credit for the concept of Messy Church where it is due.


  • BRF will never charge Messy Churches for using the concept or name. You don’t need to worry that registering will make you liable to pay costs.
  • Registered Messy Churches can update their online information themselves at any time and as often as they want.
  • The website is a great place to share stories, find out about events, be resourced as a leader and hear about the growth of Messy Church worldwide.

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