Messy Church Conference: Delegates

We hope you had an amazing time at the Messy Church Conference 2022 and left feeling encouraged, equipped and eager for what God has in store for you and your Messy Church. We've put together some of the key resources from across the weekend so do take a look at the resources available below, download them and get using them.

Paula Gooder's talks

Find Paula’s three talks from across the weekend below so you can dip in and out of them any time for pearls of wisdom, words of encouragement and creative ideas.



Workshop videos

Workshop PowerPoints and other resources

Download PDFs of resources from some of the different workshops and sessions during the weekend.

Being intergenerational with Johannah Myers (USA)

Making the most of video, social media and the digital world

Extending Messy Church to families


iSingPop and Andy Flannagan have kindly let us share all the links below:


Andy Flannagan’s suggestions

Have a look through Andy Flannagan’s top suggestions of things to look over at home and think about how you could put them to use in your Messy Church setting. You’ll also find information on how to connect further with Andy himself.

Not made for the harbour – watch the video

Not made for the harbour – related resources

Join us in the Mess – watch the video

Join us in the Mess – related resources

Connect with Andy Flannagan

Explore Andy’s YouTube channel