Published 16th September 2010 by Messy Church

by Jane Carter

At a Baptism within a Messy Church service I adapted the Christingle for baptism. Everyone made one of these.

  • I gave everyone an apple which in some cultures symbolises Life.
  • Then we put a blue ribbon around the apple symolising water.
  • On four cocktail sticks we had 4 things which are important in baptism.
  • Everyone put there name on a sticker and stuck it on the cocktail stick.

I said how important our names are etc… Then I had foam faces stuck on another stick which represented the promises made by parents, godparents and the church.

On another stick we put a jelly baby on it representing the child brought for baptism. On the last stick we put a love heart sweet which represents love, which is what baptism is about. In the centre then everyone placed a candle and we lit the candles praying that the child to be baptised and all present would know of the Light of Christ.