Summary of autumn/harvest resources

Published 6th September 2022 by rachel tranter

Autumn festivals

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Messy Church Goes Wild

If you’re looking to do Harvest differently this year, why not consider ‘Going Wild’ outdoors? A number of the Messy Adventures lend themselves to this season. Wild and weedy! is based on the parable of the sower and leads us to discover more about God by how plants grow, and how through them God provides vegetation and food that sustains our planet. Wild woods! features the parable of the mustard seed and helps us learn about trees and their role in sustaining our planet, and how they are used to illustrate Biblical truths about God’s kingdom. You can download the individual sessions here or buy the book of all 12 Messy Adventures here!

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How should we approach Halloween? Christians have different ideas about Halloween. Is it a valuable opportunity to confront difficult subjects, or should we refuse to give it time? Browse this link for a selection of articles on the subject.

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The Seriously Messy book could really help at this time of year, not just in Messy Church situations but in any community dealing with death and loss. There are chapters about why we need to talk about death; talking about death as a family; taking care when talking about death with children; theological reflections; and five Messy Church sessions including Remembering, with activities such as Kintsukuroi and marbling chocolate.

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A collection of materials for a remembrance day activity – red paper, red hearts, rulers, pens, 'Family Prayer Time' bookFree Messy downloads