Get Messy! January-April 2019

Published 9th October 2018 by rachel tranter

Get Messy! is a four-monthly subscription resource for Messy Church leaders.

Each issue contains four session outlines (one per month), including planning sheets and take-home handouts, together with information on the latest resources and events.

It also seeks to encourage and refresh Messy Church leaders by providing monthly Bible studies, relevent and encouraging articles and a problem page. Other features include a youth column and stories from Messy Churches around the world.

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Sessions in this issue

  • Where I belong (Luke 2:41–52)
  • Self-confidence (Judges 6:11–16)
  • Dusty drawing (John 8:1–11)
  • Always with us (Matthew 27—28)

In detail

Over the next four months of sessions in this magazine, we’ll be exploring four aspects of Jesus bringing life in all its fullness to people of all ages. We’ll be encouraging everyone to think about Jesus’ sense of belonging to his heavenly Father and what that means for our sense of belonging (January); our self-confidence, as God has a job for each of us, just as he had for the unlikely Gideon (February); the unconditional forgiveness we can receive from Jesus and can give to others as we look at the story of the woman forgiven by Jesus (March); and the rock-solid hope and trust that Jesus is always with us that comes from the Easter story (April).

Over these last twelve months in the magazine, we’ve been responding to the deepest fears and needs expressed by children and young people in the UK, as highlighted in the Good Childhood Report. As we welcome new families and individuals to our church family, we are both fellow children of God and responsible parents in that family. In our Messy Churches, we are enjoying rediscovering the joys of belonging to this family as children ourselves and trying to love wisely, as generous parents. Together with family members new and old, younger and older, we explore facets of our faith that bring us closer to the life Jesus longs for us to enjoy.

Also in this issue

  • Lucy Moore writes
  • Stories from Messy churches far and wide
  • Messy weddings… and so much more
  • Discipleship pilot
  • Youth column
  • Messy Church International Conference 2019
  • Survey follow-up
  • Bible overview (part 2!)
  • Messy Church values quiz
  • Transforming lives with spare change

Support material

The following extra resources are available to download for this issue of Get Messy! 

View the video for ‘Friendship bracelet’ from Dusty Drawing (March)