Holy Habits in Messy Church

Published 9th January 2020 by rachel tranter

by Lucy Moore and Andrew Roberts

Messy Church sessions exploring the holy habits from Acts 2:42–47

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Holy Habits meets Messy Church! The Holy Habits approach explores Luke’s model of church found in Acts 2:42–47, identifies ten habits and encourages the development of a way of life formed by them. This session material has been created to help churches explore the Holy Habits in a Messy Church context and live them out in whole-life, missional discipleship.

This book contains an introduction by Andrew Roberts (Pioneer of Holy Habits) and Lucy Moore (Founder and Team Leader of Messy Church) and eleven Messy Church sessions. Each chapter has a ‘Messy Extra’ which can be used with smaller, more focused groups. At the end there are also eleven Messy Vintage sessions. Messy Vintage is Messy Church aimed specifically at older people.

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ISBN: 9780857469236
Pages: 144
Published: 24 January 2020
Price: £8.99

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Chapter 1: The Jesus Habit

The Jesus Habit

Chapter 2: Gladness and Generosity

Gladness and Generosity


Chapter 3: Making More Disciples

Making More Disciples

Chapter 4: Sharing Resources

Sharing Resources



Chapter 5: Serving


Chapter 6: Biblical Teaching

Biblical Teaching

Chapter 7: Eating Together

Eating Together

Chapter 8: Worship


Chapter 9: Prayer




Chapter 10: Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread


Chapter 11: Fellowship



Chapter 12: Messy Vintage

Messy Vintage