Messy Christingle 2020

Published 31st July 2020 by rachel tranter

This 2020 BRF Messy Church Christingle, created in partnership with The Children’s Society, offers a resource that looks at how the candle flame of a Christingle can become a flame of happiness and hope that is passed on to others every single day. Some of the all-age activities suggested in this resource will explore ideas associated with sharing light, while others open up ways in which we can support The Children’s Society in passing on God’s light to those in need, in particular to vulnerable children and young people.

Choose either the full session, or a shorter/simpler version that would be ideal for your Messy Church families to do by themselves at home, if they are self-isolating or if your Messy Church is still not able to meet.

Download the full session

Download the ‘at home’ session

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