Messy Church 2

Published 18th February 2013 by Messy Church

by Lucy Moore

Ideas for discipling a Christ-centred community.

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Another messy outing from Lucy Moore, this book follows on from the popular Messy Church, which has sold over 4,500 copies since it was first published in 2006. Alongside the usual mix of creativity, fun, Christian hospitality and thanksgiving, Messy Church 2 explores the importance of discipleship, faith development and training for leadership.

The material includes many ideas for practical ways to promote a sense of fellowship and community. The book contains a further fifteen units of fun, food, crafts and mess, with a year’s worth of material that your Messy Church will love. There is also the guidance to enable those taking part to go deeper with God.

Topics include:

  • Key events in Jesus’ life
  • Christian basics
  • Biblical stories of faith
  • Baptism and Holy Communion


  • Messy discipleship: possible ways forward
  • Discipleship in the home
  • Messy teams
  • FAQs
  • Food
  • Menu ideas

Thematic programmes

  • Unit 1: Love God!
  • Unit 2: Love your neighbour!
  • Unit 3: Love your world!
  • Unit 4: Christmas
  • Unit 5: Jesus is found in the temple
  • Unit 6: Lent
  • Unit 7: Spring festivals
  • Unit 8: The story of Ruth
  • Unit 9: The story of Hannah
  • Unit 10: The story of Esther
  • Unit 11: Who is God?
  • Unit 12: Who is Jesus?
  • Unit 13: Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Unit 14: Messy baptism
  • Unit 15: Messy Communion

Other languages

Polish language edition – selected sessions available as a download

Technical details

ISBN 9780857462305
Price £8.99
Published 22 June 2012
Pages 208