Messy Church

Published 14th February 2013 by Messy Church

by Lucy Moore

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community.

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…crammed with good things… delights on every page… full of good fun, deep wisdom and practical know-how.
Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield

Overflowing with creative ideas to draw the community together for fun, food, fellowship and worship, this resource book contains 15 themed programme outlines. Each outline has ideas for creative art and craft activities, meal plans and recipes for eating together and family-friendly worship.

Messy Church grew out of one church’s desire to reach out to those on the fringes of the church community and experience the love of Christ through creativity, fellowship and worship together.

In other languages

Welsh edition now available, ISBN 9781859947852

Swedish edition now available, ISBN 9789173154765

Polish language edition – selected sessions available as a download


Concept and considerations

  1. An overview of ‘messy’ theology
  2. What is Messy Church?
  3. The aims of Messy Church
  4. What is church? A theological reflection
  5. How to reach the messy edges
  6. Notes on safety and equipment
  7. Recipes
  8. Introduction to thematic programmes

Thematic programmes for summer term God’s family, our family

  • Unit 1 Abraham and Sarah
  • Unit 2 Joseph
  • Unit 3 Moses
  • Unit 4 Joshua

Thematic programmes for autumn term Jesus’ ‘I am’ sayings (and Christmas)

  • Unit 5 I am the true vine
  • Unit 6 I am the light for the world
  • Unit 7 I am the good shepherd
  • Unit 8 Messy Christmas

Thematic programmes for spring term New life (including Easter and Pentecost)

  • Unit 9 Creation
  • Unit 10 A new start
  • Unit 11 New life in Jesus (Easter)
  • Unit 12 New life in the Spirit (Pentecost)

Thematic programmes for through the year Bible landscapes

  • Unit 13 Bible mountains
  • Unit 14 Bible roads
  • Unit 15 Bible seasides

Technical details

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