Mothering Sunday at home

Published 17th March 2020 by lucy moore

When you can’t GO to Messy Church, don’t forget that together we ARE Messy Church. That’s right, the people, us. Messy Church is not a gathering once or so a month, it’s us, the people, and we’re most certainly not shutting up shop. Today we focus on a really important part of Messy Church: mothers! And by this we mean everyone who mothers us, whether they’re related or not.

 If you find yourself in your house this Mothering Sunday, here’s an activity that you can do as a family without leaving the front door! Grab your toilet rolls everyone, let’s go!

Say: Today is a day for celebrating God’s light in our world, and how his character shines through the people who mother us.

Pray: Thank you Jesus for giving us this safe and warm home to live in. We thank you for our mothers and others who mother us, whether with us in this home or not. We thank you for the light you put inside them, and we thank you that you give our whole world light, especially when it feels dark and scary. Thank you, Jesus.

Say: We’re now going to make a special Mothering Sunday gift that reminds the person who mothers us just how important it is to keep shining God’s love and light in our homes, streets and communities!

Make: Toilet Paper Candle Holders

What you need

  • Homemade Glue* and brush
  • Jam/jelly jar (remove the sticker)
  • Toilet roll (or tissue paper)
  • Tealight candle
  • Watercolour paints (optional)

*Homemade Glue:

  • 2 oz chilled water
  • 8 oz boiling water
  • 3 tbsp plain flour
  • 1 tbsp sugar

Mix the chilled water and flour together in a cup or bowl. Once smooth and lump free, boil the remaining 8 ounces of water. Once at boiling point, (with adult supervision) pour in the watery floury mix and stir all together over the heat until it starts to thicken and get gloopy! Once gloopy enough, take the pan off the heat and as the mixture cools, mix in the sugar. Keep stirring as it cools. Once warm, pour into the bowl and start using it as an alternative to PVA glue.


  • Make the homemade glue
  • Prepare the jar (removing the sticker so it’s clear)
  • Rip up small pieces of toilet paper or tissue paper
  • Papier mache the paper pieces to the outside of the jar
  • Leave to dry
  • Optional: Paint the outside with water colour paints
  • Place tealight candle inside (ready to light soon)

Reflect: Shining

We all know we all shine the brightest when we let Jesus shine in us. But sometimes life is really difficult and hard to manage, especially for a parent. Busy schedules, a long to-do-list, and loads of people to love and care for in the home and far away

  • Light the candle
  • Take 1 minute to think about all you appreciate about the people who ‘mother’ you
  • Discuss how many of these traits are also characteristics of God
  • Read: 1 Corinthians 12: 4-7
  • Talk about this image of love, and how when we live like this, we become SHINY, because God’s light shines through us

Play: Brighten the light

This activity focuses primarily on helping us all declutter from worldly stress, and shine God’s loving light as brightly as possible within us. As it’s Mothering Sunday, we’re going to focus on whoever is doing the parenting, perhaps the mothering, in our household today. To do this, the other family members have one job: to ask that person what they can do to help her or him shine as brightly as possible in their busy and sometimes difficult life. Let’s have some fun!

Some idea suggestions for family members to consider the next hour or so:

  • Other family members do the washing up
  • Go out in the garden and pick a bunch of flowers
  • Have a spontaneous picnic in the living room
  • Have some quality family time together chatting
  • Write a song/rap thanking God for that person
  • Other family members make a surprise dinner
  • As a family, video call a friend or family member who is by themselves  

Sing: Watch and sing ‘This Little Light of Mine’ – new version

Sing the words together as a family, giving the actions a go too!

As you worship God by singing this song, look for and celebrate God’s light inside each of your family members. Think about how brightly this light can shine when the whole family asks Jesus to guide them in the darkness.


        Thank you: Thank God for his light, life and hope, especially at this time

        Sorry: Say sorry for anything that stops God’s light burning brightly in us

        Please: Ask for God to help your shiny family shine as brightly as possible

Finish: A Messy Prayer

Welcoming God,
grow your family here.
Creator God,
set our imagination on fire.
God of old and new,
help us be a church for all ages.
Joyful God,
help us celebrate you in all we do.
Loving God,
help us all walk more closely with Jesus Christ.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit.