Prayers for times of change

Published 2nd April 2019 by rachel tranter

These activities are designed to help pray through and for times of change. They can be used on their own or alongside other activities.

Reconnecting love (download PDF)
Join up a fractured paper heart and ask God to heal the broken world.

Worrying (download PDF)
Make a worry ball and pray for peaceful nations.

Pathway to the future (download PDF)
Draw chalk words, or create a pathway from dominoes, and talk about putting building blocks in place for the future.

Islands: a playful and soggy meditation (download PDF)
Tell an interactive story about islands, fences and walls.

Prayers for repairs (download PDF)
Sew ripped cloth together to make a new shape.

Light in the dark (download PDF)
Stick bright prayers on to a dark background to show how Jesus is a light in darkness.

Solid foundations (download PDF)
Create a tower with Jesus at the centre.