Toilet Twinning Messy Church session

Published 28th May 2019 by rachel tranter

It’s funny how something as earthy and humble as a toilet can be the basis for thinking about God’s limitless love for his people! God’s love longs for the best life possible for every human being. He made us as beings whose spirituality is inextricably linked to our bodies: our relationship with him and with each other, our worship, our well-being – these all work in bodily ways as well as in the realms of the soul or spirit.

Living well includes everyday earthly tasks. Living well includes loving our neighbour. Our call is to transform our world to become more and more like the kingdom of heaven. While we’re in human bodies, toilets are going to be an inevitable part of that mission. We know that many ancient church buildings are unsuitable for Messy Church, simply because they have no toilet! On a much wider scale, Toilet Twinning brings to our notice how good sanitation can be a step closer to kingdom living around the globe and that this health and well-being is a sign of God’s kingdom alive and well.

This Messy Church session can be used as a fundraiser to twin your toilets or simply to raise awareness of the issue.

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