It’s a jubilee!

Published 29th March 2022 by rachel tranter

The concept of a jubilee began in biblical times when God instructed Moses that every 50th year was to be a time of celebration, rejoicing and rest – rest for the land and rest for the people. The word ‘jubilee’ literally means ‘ram’s horn’ in Hebrew, which was blown on the tenth day of the seventh month to start a year dedicated to rest, to restoration of property and to freeing people from slavery and debts.

Today, the term ‘jubilee’ is most closely associated with the royal family. The ceremony and spectacle which the term symbolises is used to celebrate significant periods in a monarchs’ reign and in the national life of the country. No British monarch has ever achieved a reign of 70 years before, and therefore the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrated all around the world.

Although in this Messy Church we are taking time to celebrate the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, we are also celebrating that Jesus is the king of kings who reigns forever and is our Saviour and friend.

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